About my photography:

I believe life is a beautiful whirlwind and childhood is magical.

I specialize in catching the little moments that your child lives in. Let’s take pictures where they can be who they are. Let’s schedule sessions at major milestone points, like after first steps, first lost tooth,  start of new school year, or no more training wheels, so your family will have those moments captured in a printed piece that you put up on your wall.

I print my photography. I want my clients to put their prints on their walls and to enjoy them for years to come. I believe that kids should grow up surrounded by images reflecting their personal growth and of the evolution of their family.

About Me:

I was born in Minnesota and raised in the wilds of Wisconsin. Both of my parents documented my childhood with film and Polaroid cameras. The majority of my childhood memories can be tied to milestone photographs captured by one or the other of my parents.

When I was 15 I received my first slr camera and I joined the Camera club in high school where I learned darkroom techniques.

I haven’t put a camera down since.